Post 12 Oct 2013, 06:41

Re: TownHall in MP

TRain 2 labourers in the TH or THschool and your all labourers without 2 will be rouge. So you dont need to kill them after PT, just make them to the rouge with 2goldchest cost.

Lot times the enemy is in the city, and no more chance.
I have two kind of idea for this with TH or THscript.
1st train 2recruits. no more chance because no more recruits in the barrack, but there are lot of weapon /this situation is most time in the lategame/. So this option make half of your serfs to rebel or RECRUITS(still not decided-for me the recruits the supported).
2nd train 2 serfs in the THschool. When your city absolutaly no more chance, your barrack destroyed or just some serfs is in alive, but your allies still can fight back etc... So this option make your all serfs-10person to rouges. 10serfs need to feeding and transporting gold.

Well I am still thinking new functions to the TH and this four isnt that bad idea and better than the first version.

-10labourers transform to 10 recruits - 3 goldchest cost.

-10serfs transforming to 10 recruits -3 goldchests cost.

-your ALL serfs transforming to Rebels(50%) and Rouges(50%) -4 goldchest cost.

-your all citizens transforming to TH units 5 goldchest cost.
(serfs to 50/50 rebel/rouge;
stoner,labourer to rouge;
woodcutters, carpenters to milities;
animal breader, butcher, farmer, fisher to vagabond;
the others miners ametalurgists should transforming to barbs)

Builder rush or train +10-20-30recruits?
Do you have many IDLE serfs? 3goldchests cost and make recruits from them(10serfs per one transorming process).
Is your city under attacking, and you have dont have more army but there are 4 goldchests in the TH?-use Transform your ALL serfs to REBel and ROUGE. (if your school/-s has/-ve gold still can rebuild your city.. )
Is your city under final attacking, you see to no more chance but your allies still in the game with huge chance, 5 goldchest cost and your all citizens transforming to TH units(rebuld is still possible but really slow and need lot of time to train again all citizens).

Well? This is already four option which is rather as units politics and seems fair and solve some problems. Is there any idea? :)