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The New Lands

PostPosted: 30 Aug 2007, 19:16
by The Dark Lord
This post was outdated so I removed its content.

The Dark Lord

PostPosted: 04 Oct 2007, 19:05
by nur
gj.. im gonan try it, btw hod do u install it so u can select an exact campagne in the main menu? :lol:

PostPosted: 07 Oct 2007, 17:04
by The Dark Lord
That is not possible. You have to replace files (read the readme :wink:).

PostPosted: 21 Dec 2008, 20:10
by The Dark Lord
This topic needed an update, so please read the first post. :wink:

PostPosted: 21 Dec 2008, 22:07
by kuba11100
I know I'm not a webmaster, but IMO some things on the site should be fixed:
- tables (not only in IE, they're also weird in Opera 9.63; try with using colspan)
- in story: double signs (squares in Opera 9, question marks in Firefox 2)

I also have a suggestion:
When I'm using 1024*768 resolution, the site looks bad - big font, big menu, big title. But in 80% zoom it's much better. What do you think about making the fonts smaller?

PostPosted: 21 Dec 2008, 22:41
by harold
According to the last poll I've seen, about 80% of people use 1024*768 (yes even with flat screens), so it might make sense to design websites for that size.. the recommendation used to be 600x800 but nevermind that, only mobile users would benefit from that..

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2008, 04:55
by Lewin
Hi Joost,
The new site looks good! I think you have to support 1024x768, Firefox, IE and Opera though. I can help you with the HTML, maybe we can talk over MSN and improve some of the formatting. (I'm happy to help you if you're interested) There are a few other things that would make it nicer too, such as caching the menu animations (currently there is a pause while the alternative image loads, that can be fixed) If there are any other things that you'd like done please tell me, I'm happy to help with your site.

Lol, I like the banner joke. But the wording is not correct English. I would write "Do I really have to explain this again? Take your positions! You're making my site look dumb!" But you don't have to change it.

Good job on the site though.

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2008, 08:09
by The Dark Lord
To be honest, I thought the resolution I used was small. I didn't know so many people still use 1024 x 768.
For me, it works flawlessly in Firefox (3.0.5), but it looks awful in IE. The lines between the frames are just white, the menu is messed up and the font is way too big. Thank God the images are shown as they're supposed to (transparent). In older versions they weren't (just downloaded 7.0). I admit I don't have Opera, so I can't test that.

I guess I'll have to resize all images by x %, make the frames a bit smaller and change some code (tabels/menu images). I'll talk to you at MSN, Lewin.

It is supposed to look like this: Image

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2008, 00:14
by MichGal
Hi Dark Lord :)

I've been playing your campaign for about 2 weeks now. I love it. It's challenging. I'm only on the 5th level. I had to cheat to get past the 4th level. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for making the campaign.

I hope you like making them as much as I love playing them!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I absolutely love the "Your feelings are being attacked". Yeah, I got slottered on the first board the first time at it. That's how I know you added that. I laughed so hard I had to pause the game.

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2008, 03:42
by Lewin
What's this about "your feelings are being attacked"? Did someone change the message from "your buildings are being attacked"? I didn't notice.

Could someone please explain?

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2008, 06:41
by MichGal
I'm almost positive that's what it said. I was nearly defeated when I heard it. I hope it wasn't the night my hubby and I had a couple of drinks...LOL Maybe I was mistaken. :?

PostPosted: 26 Dec 2008, 07:54
by The Dark Lord
Lol, I guess you drank too much!
Anwyay, the campaign will be updated soon. All mission and map files are waiting to be uploaded. I only need to finish the .lib files.
Oh, and a little surprise I have been working on: a sequel. It was supposed to be a "present" for Christmas, but since I was thinking "Oh, I'll never make it, I'll finish it later" I didn't really continue. :lol: Seven missions are now finished, and mission 8 is nearly finished. There will be 10 missions.

At least the surprise is still there. :wink:

PostPosted: 25 Aug 2010, 06:30
by Ben
I got myself a question. I request is actually more like it, but can I have the old mission briefings (the ones that are read with notepad or some program like that) I liked those much better then the LIBs. Plus, it drives me crazy having the one guy saying one thing and me reading another :lol:

Anyway I would be very grateful for this.

Oh, by the way, the website looks good, but I can't see the bottom (I see a little less then half of the download button) I got a wide screen, but I'm not sure what it's resolution is.

EDIT: I just read the new intro (I've done it before, but it's been a while) and it's pretty good. Better then I'd hope to accomplish. I love how you use things like "Trembling fingers" and such. I always forget about using such variations in my writing, making it rather dull. Anyway, I still would like the old story.

Re: The New Lands

PostPosted: 24 Nov 2012, 23:31
by Bo_
Is there a way to implent it in the remake? I've tried it but it didn't realy work... :)

Re: The New Lands

PostPosted: 25 Nov 2012, 01:50
by The Dark Lord
There is, but I advise to play it in TPR. It won't work well in Remake.