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Vincents first Map




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Post 11 Nov 2014, 18:25

Vincents first Map

I have been working on my first Kam Map. It is a 4P MP-map (2v2), left versus right. My goal is to make a map that is as good as Cursed Ravine, but then for 4P. So i have set a few requirements that i think make cursed Ravine a good map and that i want to see also in my map.

- Balanced locations (size, distance to resources, tactical layout)
- Simple map layout
- Symmetrical (semi)
- Suitable for playing with randoms (players dont rely much on others for defences)
- Losing your ally doesnt change defence positions too much
- Large, flat building area, with depletable resources on the edges
- Medium amount of depletable resources (200-300 iron ore, 200-300 gold ore, 1000-1300 stone)
- 2 Iron mines per player
- Aesthetically pleasing (objects/mountains)
- Semi-Campy (defender should have a tactical advantage, allowing long games, but no unbreakable choke points)

I finished the rough layout of my map and started to work on elevation now (see screenshots).
Next step: elevation on the right side, object placement, balancing resources and tactical positions.

The map should be both left/right and north/south symmetrical (tactically speaking). There is a medium sized no-mansland between the left and right and there are mountain passes in the north and the south. All players have one small opening out of their area and a larger one that is shared with their ally.

Your opinion
What do you think about my map so far? what do you like/dislike? Can you think of any other requirements that are important for making a map suitable for MP games with randoms?

Feedback received:

Overview, little bit of right side cut off
Location NW
North mountain pass
Location SW
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Post 12 Nov 2014, 15:20

Re: Vincents first Map

Won't work, too small openings (how do you plan to attack someone?)
I foresee long hours of simcity and tower defence.
Kick fast, think Bo.


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Post 22 Nov 2014, 12:29

Re: Vincents first Map

well although the architecture of the map looks interesting, as bo says it will be hard to play on the map due to the very small openings. maybe rescaling it on a larger map will fix the problem.

as for the visuals, i do not have much time to explain everything in detail so i'll leave you with this:

if you got any questions however, feel free to ask them.
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