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Shataya Co-Op 2 player campaign


Haven't been very active lately, but i still wanted to share this. It's a 3 level campagin I made a while ago. Started off the co-op map "No Escape", and worked onward from that point. Also tried some scripting to give it a little flavor. On top of that, I made it fairly hard to beat (atleast in my experience) so this should be fun :).

In-game name: JulianSnow

First part
The story follows a nation in turmoil, a good friend of your liege has gone missing and a neighbouring town came to seek your aid. Not knowing what you'll run into your liege dispatches you with a couple of battalions to investigate the matter. Upon arrival you find a nation divided and not espacially greatfull for your arrival, except for the town that sought your aid ofcourse.


Second part
The traitor has gotten to his hide-out in the north, with the competition to the east this will be an up hill battle like you've never seen before. The stronghold of your ally is destroyed and in the remnants you must set up camp and scramble whatever resources you have left to free your ally from the traitor.


Third part
As you triumphed over the traitor the competition didn't have enough money to pay their mercenaries.. and unpaid mercenaries are a danger of a whole other level. The realm is in ruins, but the loyal peasants will try their best to help defend the stronghold. One last time you must employ your resourcefullnes to defend the realm and restore peace. Find and beat the mercenary shaman and his hordes of barbarians and take out the weapon production of the revolting southern town.
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