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2 or 3 or more mines maps



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Post 02 Oct 2014, 18:18

2 or 3 or more mines maps

Do i feel only 2 ironmines make the game more interesting than 3 or more mines?
2Mines seems equalizating the op iron units number vs leather units. What will a player create with 2 ironmimes? At 2mines the early mines are more important than on 3 or 3++ maps.
Personally 2mines is great choice for interesting building games.
I think to on 2mines maps trading wares to ore could be better choice than on 3mines and ++maps.


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Post 02 Oct 2014, 18:57

Re: 2 or 3 or more mines maps

No. Two mines is really boring in my opinion. It makes it very difficult to make swords. That might not sound like a problem, but that means that you not only have fewer sword-fighters, but also knights. Even three iron mines can be tricky for swords if you don't make your mines early enough.
Thunder wrote:2Mines seems equalizing the op iron units number vs leather units.

What does this even mean? Even with four possible iron mines, I still see players making 50 leather armored units. Hardly seems to make sense imo.
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