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Tsk mission 8 help




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Post 01 Aug 2014, 08:09

Re: Tsk mission 8 help

Hurray! Yesterday I succesfully got through the first stage. I managed to build 9 towers the 2nd try, but then when the guys were al dead my stone was gone >_>
3th try again 9 towers, and right after I started to lure all the barbarians away with 1 archer left (a bit lucky lol) I managed to build a quarry. After that it was a matter of spamming serfs (some had died) and building more quarries. By the time they came back my towers had been filled with stone again and they all got killed.

Started building my city and after a while I noticed that there weren't any serfs/builders coming out. I was out of gold! Good thing I still got a safegame left. Loaded that one and went asap for gold. At that point I saved and shut down my pc :P

I'll go on holiday this week so I will continue after that with the campaign. Thanks for all the help!


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Post 03 Feb 2015, 15:22

Re: Tsk mission 8 help

I can't for the life of me figure this mission out. I thought I was ok after surviving one wave of Barbarians, and lost all my units except Bowmen in that first wave, only to get hit by another wave RIGHT AFTER THAT.

I had 5 towers, fully charged with stones and Recruits, and I still got wiped. What do I need to do to pass this? -_-
I don't even know how people manage to build 9 towers before the first wave of Barbs arrive. All I do is build a school and then start with towers, and they still arrive before the third tower is even finished.

This is in the Remake btw.


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Post 03 Feb 2015, 15:56

Re: Tsk mission 8 help

Well make sure that you are making plenty of serfs and laborers. You shouldn't have a hard time getting several towers up. It's also important that you make your towers correctly. Don't build them in a horizontal line, make them in a vertical line; almost right above your storehouse.

There are replays by cmowla somewhere on the forum. He knows how to abuse the AI to make these tricky missions much easier. I gave it a quick look but couldn't find them. he will probably post here in a day or two anyway ;)
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Post 03 Feb 2015, 22:11

Re: Tsk mission 8 help

I just did a real-time game (without reloading saves) recording of how to survive the initial battle in r5503.

TSK 08 Initial Battle Live Game Play (6 Losses)
(I have the replay, but I thought it best for everyone who is interested to just see how I actually command the troops.)

As I mentioned in the video description, clearly one can lose 0 units using this approach and reloading saves. This also should be easier to do in later versions of the remake, such as r6720.

The replay you were looking for is in my TSK 20 thread linked in my signature. (The replay is when I beat TSK 08 in 30 minutes and 54 seconds in r5503.)
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Post 04 Feb 2015, 14:35

Re: Tsk mission 8 help

cmowla wrote:(The replay is when I beat TSK 08 in 30 minutes and 54 seconds in r5503.)

tsk so slow? i expected better from you. :mrgreen:
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Post 24 Jun 2016, 19:55

Re: Tsk mission 8 help

This mission is still beyond absurdly difficult to the point where I quit playing the game.

Trying again a year later; no success.

If saves are cross compatible, then I'd rather do this on the original game with the original balance. Didn't know the remake changed unit balance; thought it just updated the engine to unlock resolution and added modern features like control groups and game speed settings.

Disappointed to learn this, really.



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Post 24 Jun 2016, 23:25

Re: Tsk mission 8 help

Well, nerfing bowmen to the current state was a very necessary change, because they were straight up broken. The mission on the other hand is not impossible at all, just build a line of towers and then put axefighters at the end of the gaps between the towers. This way the barbarians' numerical and raw power advantage diminishes, and you should be able to win. Good luck ;)
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