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TSK mission 11



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Post 25 Sep 2016, 00:22

Re: TSK mission 11

I adjusted my build so that I didn't build on all of the coal and made some other improvements such as earlier gold production and even earlier farms and iron.

I'm glad that you guys suggested this constraint, because it actually forced me to put the inn above the storehouse which worked out too well for traffic: serfs entered and exited the inn from two different sides as needed! This was a much stronger village overall.

I have also improved the design some to yield 53 bows and 53 pikes in 1 hour. 60 serfs, 24 laborers, 3 farms, no starvation.

(Also, I have a few "holes" in my village in which I can build towers, which could be nice! :) )

New challenge. :mrgreen:

cmowla TSK 14 spam

If you want to, you are more than welcome to make a shoutcast of this build. (For example, if you watch the replay, you will see that where I place my first woodcutters combined with this new design and build order was actually a VERY good choice.)

@TDL and Ben,
Is this new design good with regards to building on the coal?
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Post 25 Sep 2016, 12:35

Re: TSK mission 11

Nice job, still some buildings on rich coal (butcher, iron smelter) though. But for a rush base it's not a problem. Try sword fighters next? ;) Swords and bows is a player's 'core' army usually.


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Post 25 Sep 2016, 12:40

Re: TSK mission 11

Good job, looks like TSK 14 has a lot of love from you :D
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Post 25 Sep 2016, 14:11

Re: TSK mission 11

I think you should try challenges that were posted some time ago, like Scout challenge and Xbow challenge :)

Also, there's EE building challenge here. Should be easy for you I think :)
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Post 04 Jun 2017, 16:43

Re: TSK mission 11

Tried my favorite SP level again today. Made much improvement since the previous attempt last year. For anyone who will try this level, the main problem is NO trees around the storehouse so this should be your main concern during the game. Gold can be a problem as well, but you start with more chests than normal so you can delay the first goldsmelter to get some more woodcutters up and head to iron just a bit faster. I've tried to play with only 2 schools but it's almost impossible (hungry recruits). And there is no need to build on coal to get a good working base. Nor do you need to grab the fish. I had 70 serfs and 18 builders on 4 quarries. To make a nice army on 60 minutes it's absolutely needed to STORE some wares throughout the game, like corn and especially iron(ore). Proper storing seems to have died out in MP games. I still do it sometimes and only remember Boco did it years ago. In this game there is still some room for improvement I think. Up to 60 60, anyone? :D
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Post 16 Jun 2017, 06:25

Re: TSK mission 11

Just imagine, what a monster you created if we will play it in locs with forest! (6)

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