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Alpha 10 is ready!

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2019, 09:11
by Krom

What’s new in Alpha 10:

    - Particle effects (smoke for houses work, smoke for damaged houses, dust effects for plans placement and for house destruction, emitters that could be placed on terrain in MapEd (e.g. mist).
    - SSAO (aka prettier lighting)
    - New custom antialiasing (FXAA2 and FXAA3.11 partially)
    - Smoothed out unit animations
    - Revised house-placement (Trees and other objects block house placement from all 4 sides now, Added house plan icon showing where the road for the entrance needs to be)
    - Imported more unit models and animations
    - New maps from 2018 mini-competition
    - Allowed builders to uproot trees and small stones
    - Revised fish-catching
    - Quick unit/house selection panel in game UI on the right (Ctrl+1//0)
    - Revised wind effects to act uniformly on flags, particles and map objects
    - Expanded undo/redo in MapEd (units, houses, etc.)
    - Unified main menu and gameplay options pages
    - Separate volume controls for sounds (alerts, effects, menu)
    - New map decoration objects – stockade fences
    - Revised and fixed house unlock order
    - Reworked AI
    - Revised food nutritious values
    - Sound for messages opened and closed
    - Displaying proper music titles in options menu
    - And as always a whole lot of bugfixes and smaller improvements

Download links at ... -is-ready/

Re: Alpha 10 is ready!

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2019, 19:11
by Exc3ss
you guys are awesome!

I just stumbled across this reminiscing about knights and merchants! Thanks for your effort

Re: Alpha 10 is ready!

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2019, 07:52
by Krom
Alpha 10.1 r7255 is published. Contains following bugfixes against Alpha 10:
+ Fixed mission save warning message text in MapEd being clipped (and having duplicate lines)
+ Fixed repeating objects near borders when resizing a map
+ Fixed popup message shown when replays has ended
+ Fixed crash on selecting dying unit
+ Autosaved savegames should not go to the Recycle Bin
+ Fixed wares render in houses
+ Fixed changing of groups and units position in MapEd using RMB
+ Fixed Blanks dying inside Cottages without ever going to Tavern to eat
+ Fixed removal of Coalmaker's smoke emitter after destroying the house

Download links at:

Re: Alpha 10 is ready!

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2019, 03:53
by Ben
Thanks for the update, Krom. Perhaps I'll make a video on it. My YouTube channel has been too quiet too long. :wink:

It'll have to wait until school is out though (April 26!)

Re: Alpha 10 is ready!

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2019, 15:01
by Krom
Hey Ben, thanks for stopping by! =)
Video sounds like a good idea - drop me a line if you need any help or insider details ;-)