Post 25 May 2017, 16:07

Alpha 8 is ready!

Alpha 8 is ready!


Change list is quite big:

Gameplay mechanics:

Rigged Cottages to spawn Blank units
Units get trained from Blanks now
Wool/Cloth/Recruits removed
Warriors take small time to train now
Units can be stacked in training queues now
Story messages instantiated from dynamic script
Visual mechanics:

Rotate houses to face South or West (using spacebar)
Set default view from South-West
Revised viewport controls and added Q/E to change heading angle
Rotate minimap on camera heading change
Distinct Units/Houses sight radiuses though fog of war
Fog of war GPU optimizations
Map Editing:

Automation tools in MapEd (forest, mountains, stone)
Choice of terrain type when creating a new map
Terrain painting has area of effect now (ground, mountains, water)
Game content:

New skirmish 8 players map - “Wheel”
2 new campaign maps - “Citizens” and “Army”
2 new single-player maps by Petr - "Desert" and "Minicampaign"
Baker and Carpenter 3D models (not animated yet)
Placeholder Axefighter model from Militia model
Placeholder mounted units
New terrain objects (birch tree, log)
Minimap alerts (beacon, attacked, hungry troops)
House notifications with icons (no worker, no road, no fish, no ore, no trees)
Group orders icons
Other improvements:

Fixed forms snapping in GUI
Replay button glyphs
Large-scale texture variations on terrain
FadeIn FadeOut effects on hints
Fixed “unlimited” button in workshops
Improved Iron/Gold mines wire outlines when placing their plans
Slightly rotate houses on placement to break the monotony
Allowed to rename players through dynamic script
Story missions show description text from libx in menu
Fixed jittery warriors animations
Added tips to loading screen
As usual - this is still Alpha, there are likely a lot of bugs, flaws, incomplete features, broken mechanics and such. Please report them and also your thoughts on what should be different and why.

Download links:
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Knights Province at:
KaM Remake at:
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC/FVR tools at: