Post 01 Mar 2017, 05:27

New unit training mechanics for Alpha 8

I've almost rigged new unit training mechanics in Knights Province this weekend!

Cottages will generate new unit type over time called, (for lack of better title) - Blank.
Training citizen in School will cost 1 Blank unit (no gold required yet?).
Blanks, Serfs and Builders occupy space in Cottages, so over time you need to build more of them.
Other citizens have their own homes to live in.
Warriors are "homeless".

Barracks train units as usual, but take Blanks instead of Recruits.
Recruits are removed from the game.
Towers will take an archer or melee warrior into them (each providing own bonus to tower strength) (probably in Alpha 9 ?).
Oh, I got an idea, I can reuse Recruits model for Blanks now )

At the moment, it's 20 slots per cottage.
I'd say a typical town would need 5-7 of them. It all should be (and will be) balanced later on.
Building Cottages near School means Blanks will walk into School sooner and train faster.

Camp houses some units too, so that player could train citizens before building 1st Cottage.

So, we end up with Blanks not working but eating food unless you (player) balance the number of cottages.
And if you want to grow fast you just build some Cottages and have to wait for blanks to appear? A bit less control over population growth.

Also now you can stack training orders in School and Fort/Barracks, ordering up to 10 units of same kind in one training request.

I think Blanks can appear from cottages faster when cottage is near-empty.
That would be good. It would also help with recovering from your village being attacked.
So building one Cottage will generate 1 Blank per 15 sec, then after 10 Blanks it slows down to 1 per 30sec maybe.
However it's getting complicated when unit is killed - which Cottage to take him out from - one with most or fewest habitants?

I'm also removing SheepFarm/Clothmakers/Cloth from the game, they did not fit in well.
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