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My builder got stuck :(




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Post 08 Jan 2017, 11:47

My builder got stuck :(

First of all, amazing job! It really gives the old KAM feeling and I'm enjoying even the alpha state of the game.

Not sure where to report bugs, but my builder got stuck between the stone and the freshly build-building:



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Post 08 Jan 2017, 12:48

Re: My builder got stuck :(

Have you tried to delete the freshly built building? (H)


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Post 08 Jan 2017, 21:38

Re: My builder got stuck :(

@Anyone: Thanks! I'm happy you enjoying it :-)

Thanks for reporting. Unfortunately there's no easy way to prevent this from happening. I'm hoping to deal with this and other similar issues when the game enters Beta stage. For now I'm more concerned about gameplay mechanics and graphic assets.

P.S. Alpha 8 is being worked on and will feature some new mechanics.
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Post 01 Mar 2017, 08:45

Re: My builder got stuck :(

The best would be to avoid building directly against the rock.
Right now your stonemasons are also unable to reach the rocks behind the house, until they cut away the rocks in front of it.

Personally I just keep one tile in between everything every time I place a structure.
( Which you have to between two houses anyway. :-) )
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