Post 14 Sep 2020, 13:45

Alpha 11.2 update

Here's next update with more bugfixes and small improvements:

Fixed stone stockpile placement after house get demolished
Fixed error on loading a savegame with a dead group assigned onto a quickselect (Ctrl+0..9)
Fixed a couple of minor memory leaks
Changed "erase" to "remove" in various MapEd menus
Don't list the horses in the map maker when selecting the resource for wagons #283
Messages with buttons should allow for no glyphs #282
Fixed mines placement locations visible behind the FOW #270
Fixed a bug when Save/Load of the mission unlocks every profession in the school #267
Added script action UnitUnlock, like the HouseUnlock #279
Fixed a bug when Stonecutter was unable to mine the stone from map corners #281
Possibly fixed error on game start when GetDocumentsPath was returning extra slash on the end
Calls to Action.(House/Group/Unit)OwnerChange if the new owner is the same as old one will be logged and ignored
Fixed stockpiles "auto (collect)" behavior (it was reversed) #266
Fixed error in saving a mission from MapEd with default human hand preceded by empty hands
Lasso selection should expand a bit when made close to map edge #278
MapEd places units under rotated camp wrongly (when applying skirmish) #272
Fixed ability to queue the last (5th) unit in the School #280
Updated list of patrons in Credits
Allowed for grain on snowground25% terrain [#284]
 Added some snowground25% terrain to Winter Stand to equal out the starting locations
 Improved KT panel layout a bit
 Fixed dust puffs locations offset after canceling a house plan (also responsible for crash if they were to be spawned outside of the map bounds)
 Fixed crash on unchecking Skirmish setup options in MapEd
 Adding faulty savegame into the crashreport in case a crash occurs
 Fixed crash on scanning or loading a map with empty script file
 Fixed CRC calculation being 1-off
 Implemented undo history depth in MapEd (default 512) [#286]
 Slightly improved GUI of Records\Global layout
 Added points assigned for each place into highscores (will be filled once KT is updated)
 Renamed "Rank" into "Place" in highscores

Download, as always, available at:
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KaM Remake at:
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