Post 27 Jun 2020, 09:10

Alpha 11.1 update

Following initial release, here's a minor update with several fixes and improvements:

+ Fixed bug with hotkeys assignment when Ctrl key was pressed and released before assigning a key with another Ctrl key
+ Ported the rest of FXAA 3.11 implementation (better AA)
+ Reordered render init and error messages
+ Wrapped log creation error into a human-readable message
+ Removed unnecessary settings resave on game init
+ Made hotkey UI buttons wider to fit Russian captions
+ Improved pathfinding efficiency by ~35%
+ Changed unit-house damage formula from "AverageDamage/2" to "AverageDamage/1.5*Morale" (Militia will hit weaker, Knights will hit stronger)
+ Reduced time it takes to make a savegame by ~30%
+ Fixed black shadows in Store house construction site
+ Tweaked and minorily improved some house models

Downloads can be found at
Knights Province at:
KaM Remake at:
Original MBWR/WR2/AFC/FVR tools at: