Post 19 Mar 2018, 17:54

Alpha 9 is ready

I’m happy to announce new Alpha of the game!

2018-03-19 town.png

Alpha 9 changes and improvements:
    Three major gameplay mechanics (described in detail in earlier article):
    Wildlife (aggressive animals and dens)
    Early army (militia can be trained in Camp)
    Morale to affect warrior’s attack
    More great music by Juan I. Goncebat
    New fight and death sounds
    New scripted map Walkers (survive Walkers waves)
    New scripted map Into the Swamps (by Klassix)
    New skirmish map Horseshoe (with aggressive wolves)
    New skirmish map Borders (by Klassix)
    New campaign Orthalm (3 missions, by DarkianMaker)
    New terrains (yellow grass on dirt, coarse gravel)
    Diagonal transition for mountains/flat terrain
    New temp house models (by Icomatix)
    House building animation for 2 houses (with help from Dah)
    New palm trees
    Simplified gold production (no coal required)
    Increased unit walking speed by 25%
    Reworked AI setup and presets for skirmish
    Changed defence position setup in MapEd
    Tweaked AI to handle food production better
    Tweaked AI to handle offense better
    Tweaked AI to handle defense better
    Increased max stone volume up to 6 in one tile
    Gold and Iron ore can be placed on any mountain type now
    Fixed AI iron mining
    Improved iron mining rate
    Lots of smaller improvements in MapEd
    Lots of gameplay bugfixes and smaller improvements

As usual – this is still Alpha, there are likely a lot of bugs, flaws, incomplete features, broken mechanics and such. Please report them and also your thoughts on what should change and why.

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