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Rebellion Unit Script

I was thinking about a way to implement the "lost Units", since I wasn't able to create new buildings for KaM(the graphics). This script is based on some ideas that bring the units back in a fair way. I am still working at the balancing. It is not perfect, but it is playable at this moment. :)

You are able to train Barbarians and Vagabonds in the Barracks.
You are also able to train Rogues and Rebels with help of the Stone Mason, the Tower and the Farm.

You can take a look at the new features and the way they are working here:

This is only a script, so I have implemented an app to add it easy to any maps. You need Java Runtime Enviroment 8 installed for this. It is using Java 8 and specially features of JavaFX.
To use the tool, you just have to extract the folder in the KaM root folder. (the structure will be: "...\KaM Remake\ScriptAdder 1.0 V.0.4.2")
After that you can run the jar file in the "ScriptAdder 1.0 V.0.4.2" folder by double clicking on it or starting it per cmd with the command "java -jar ScriptAdder.jar".
Then just select a map and press the "Add Script To Map" button. Now you are ready to play. A new map connected with the script is generated and can be found under special maps. (Sometimes you have to look in the normal maps part at first).

I will create videos in the next three weeks, to make it easier to understand the script, the installation of the app and the app itself.

I hope you will like it. :)
For me and some friends it is a lot of fun. (Bots are using it, too).
Tipp: Only using the new Units can be weak, try to combine them with normal units. The units are stronger in late game, and you have no rebels directly after peacetime.

You don't need to use the application. You can copy the files in the Script folder by your own, too. :)
When you have any bugs or problems you can send me a PM or post in this forum(when it wasn't discussed before).

New Version!
Script Adder V1.1
- new function to remove maps with the old script version, or all maps with the script version.
- changelog for script available.
- you can add a script to the selected map in the menu, too now.
- fixed some bugs

Script V0.5.1
- fixed flickering bug in the display.
- enhaced performance.
- fixed runtime condition bug.
- production of Rebels and Rogues can now start 5 minutes before peacetime ends, but no troop can spawn before peacetime end.
- nerved bonuses for rodues and rebels.
- Barbarians cost 5 axes again.
- you get a Warrior instead of a Barbarian, when your Glory Level is higher than 8.
- more code cleanup.

Have fun! :)

Your Dreamkiller! :D
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