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KAM remake TPR 14

PostPosted: 29 Apr 2019, 23:02
by SamuraY88
Hi all,

not sure if this forum is still alive but nevertheless:

I have problem with mission TPR 14. By all means im not a good player, tbh, but i love that game since I remember.

I've tried turtle defence and armour units (50 swordsmen 50 crossbowman and some pikeman) but the AI makes just more. i tired lure the AI and i've eliminated 2 players (island and the first on the right) but the next one is unbeatable.
I've tried a rush with starting troops with tower lure.
I've tried leather units (lots of) and win by numbers.
But it all failed.

remake version is r6720.

is there some trick or im just that bad?

Thanks from advance.

Re: KAM remake TPR 14

PostPosted: 11 Jul 2019, 07:08
by tonc5
Hello Samura.

I for one have not completed this mission for many years, at least 5-6. However, I last completed it on the game stop version of TPR. In that version the enemy AI was pretty terrible and I cant say I ever remember getting attacked by the enemies as they would all just turtle up and play defense. Maybe I was attacked by the northernmost village once or twice but besides that defense wasn't really an issue. Anyway, when I completed this mission those years ago I would use my stock army to disable the south-easternmost and the north-westernmost villages using the luring tactic. After that I would build up my village as usual and slowly wither away at the garrisons of the remaining towns and subsequently destroy them with the previously mentioned lure tactic.

I'm sure you know what the luring tactic is and i'm also quite sure you know how it works differently in the remake when compared to the original. Basically, in the original, when your bowman or crossbowman shot at an enemy army only the group of enemies that was directly fired upon would pursue the (cross)bowman. However in the remake when your (cross)bowman shoots an enemy army all squadrons within range of your firing (cross)bowman pursue the trooper. This makes luring more difficult in the remake as it is much harder to kill various numbers of enemy groups than it is a single enemy group. This is important as it makes the chance of sustaining high casualties rise during luring missions. As it seems by your post this may make it an un-viable strategy.

It is also worth noting that in the remake all the villages were given aggressive attack AIs which could also make the luring plan undesirable as you may not have a large enough garrison afterwards to adequately defend your town.

As for a sound strategy to claim victory over this mission I rather disappointingly come up blank. However I found this guy on YouTube who did a walk through of the mission on the remake. You could probably use it to your advantage in completing the mission assuming you haven't already. I'll in patch the link below.

Re: KAM remake TPR 14

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2019, 01:53
by cmowla
H. (Boss Battle) beat it without any losses in r6720 in this manner in about 1.5 hours.

I just played it, and found that the good old "draw out the troops and kill the serfs (and knights)" routine works very well for this mission. Within the first 15.5 minutes, I killed all AI serfs and knights. (So no more soldier production, and no more soldiers . . . after the remaining AI soldiers starve.)
TPR 14 (r6720).zip

With this route, you can get 0 losses as well. If you just feed the two scout decoys and keep looping them around until all AI soldiers have died from starvation. (It's easy to feed them, even though the AI is after them because all AI knights are dead.) But obviously I didn't try to lose 0 in this replay.

The reason I guess I just beat TPR 14 in this manner is because I was forced to when I played the bugged Co-op version in r6157 5 years ago.

So in theory, one can lose 0 men and win in 33 minutes or less with this approach. (Any takers? :D )