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Can't install the game

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2018, 19:17
by maxim1731
Problem: I have the game on CD but my new laptop has got no CD player.

Attempt to fix: I installed the game on a laptop with CD player and copied those files to my new laptop. Then I tried to download and install the remake but the message of you don't have the game installed keeps popping up. I ran the game everything is fine, I just can't manage to install the remake. I tried through steam with product code but I don't think it has one? If it does this might be solution. If anyone has a solution or knows where I can find the solution please link me to it, I would be very gratefull.

Re: Can't install the game

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2018, 23:14
by Ben
We don't officially support workarounds to the Remake's install check for legal reasons (even though the chances of a legal backlash on this are minimal...). However, I am wondering what your problem is. If you are able to install KaM TPR on your laptop with the DVD drive and move it over to your laptop without a DVD drive, what would stop you from doing the same with the Remake? Not that I am "recommending" you do such a thing ;)