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Post 12 Jun 2018, 15:15


Hey guys,Me and Boldi want to show you some crazy idea,which we concocted:Kam league BETWEEN CLANS, we look at Kam league 1vs1 and this success should continue(SHOW MUST GO ON) thats why, pls read rules new our idea:

1. System of Tournament

a) Every team will play vs each other 2 times. (In first game Team A will pick map, Team B will pick side, in 2nd game Team B will pick map, Team A will pick side
b) After Group Stage will be held Play-off. Semifinal - BO3, Final - BO5
2. Teams:(which we propose)

3. Squads and transfers (loans)
a) Team must have 7 to 12 players in roster
b) Team must have captain and 2 assistants
c) Team has right to add 3 players during group stage.
d) Team has right to take only 1 player from another team for loan. This player can play only for 2nd team after it.
e) After the end of group stage and before play-off Team has right to add or replace 3 players
f)one Player can change team only 1 time
4. Games:
Every team will play 1 games in week.
a) if we will have 8 teams, then games will be held in Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 21 CET
b) if we will have 5-7 teams, then games will be held in Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 21 CET
c) Team has right to late maximum in 1 hour
5. Points:
a)Victory - 3Points, Defeat - 0 points
b) If game continued more than 1h40min then Victory - 2 Points, Defeat - 1 points
6. List of maps:
-A War of Justice
-The Hatefuls
-New Horizon
-Rich Land
-Nibenay Basin 7.7
-Voros Arany
-Garden Eden
-Border Battlefield 1.1
-Hand in Hand
-Back in the Desert
-The Last Port

Guys which clans accepted with take part in this tournament or have some correctly name of clans pls write here.
About start:you have 2 weeks in order to think about roster and take part in it we will glad to see all clans and guys
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Stefan The Great

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Post 01 Jul 2018, 12:54

Re: Kam League (BETWEEN CLANS)

[TG] The Great team for this league is:

Ewa, Jeronimo, Regis, eSSman, Martin, Cytla, Yen, Sevvq, Stefan The Great. For the moment this is and we will see in time, because will be months with this league, what will add and change in team.

About hour I think can be let variable if we deal another hour for game because maybe someone can't at fix 21CEt and then we complicate too much.

If you can add, like you made on 44 tournament, teams that are subscribed in description of post to know who is in league until now.

Also how much towers is allowed and add all maps for download if you can, a file with all. Maybe you will add direct script in maps to not be broken of this rule anymore and all can stay relax with it.

Another thing, from what week will start?

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