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Hey guys,Me and Boldi want to show you some crazy idea,which we concocted:Kam league BETWEEN CLANS, we look at Kam league 1vs1 and this success should continue(SHOW MUST GO ON) thats why, pls read rules new our idea:

1. System of Tournament

a) Every team will play vs each other 2 times. (In first game Team A will pick map, Team B will pick side, in 2nd game Team B will pick map, Team A will pick side
b) After Group Stage will be held Play-off. Semifinal - BO3, Final - BO5
2. Teams:(which we propose)

3. Squads and transfers (loans)
a) Team must have 7 to 12 players in roster
b) Team must have captain and 2 assistants
c) Team has right to add 3 players during group stage.
d) Team has right to take only 1 player from another team for loan. This player can play only for 2nd team after it.
e) After the end of group stage and before play-off Team has right to add or replace 3 players
f)one Player can change team only 1 time
4. Games:
Every team will play 1 games in week.
a) if we will have 8 teams, then games will be held in Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 21 CET
b) if we will have 5-7 teams, then games will be held in Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 21 CET
c) Team has right to late maximum in 1 hour
5. Points:
a)Victory - 3Points, Defeat - 0 points
b) If game continued more than 1h40min then Victory - 2 Points, Defeat - 1 points
6. List of maps:
-A War of Justice
-The Hatefuls
-New Horizon
-Rich Land
-Nibenay Basin 7.7
-Voros Arany
-Garden Eden
-Border Battlefield 1.1
-Hand in Hand
-Back in the Desert
-The Last Port

Guys which clans accepted with take part in this tournament or have some correctly name of clans pls write here.
About start:you have 2 weeks in order to think about roster and take part in it we will glad to see all clans and guys
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