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Knights and Merchants League




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Post 07 May 2018, 14:36

Re: Knights and Merchants League

Rey wrote:Looks like a bug at

F.e. recent game between Shady and XojloDeLL is: Shady (-38) vs XojloDeLL (+38)

While their scores in the main list are:
XojloDeLL 1053 (1 win / 1 game)
Shady 968 (1 lose / 1 game)

So XojloDeLL got actually 53 points, while Shady lose 32.

There should be an error somewhere - either in score at the table on in the recent games table (+/-38)

Sorry for these values, they are infact not correct.
Originally I had set everyones' elo to what they currently had according to Bold's ranking. I thought it would be nice to display recent games so I just added the old games.
But when I calculated the elo change I ran the caluclation with their existing elo, not with the elo they had when they played the game. I didn't have time to go through each game separately, which I probably should have.

E.g. XjoloDeLL had 1053 elo when he played against Shady with 968 elo.
Running this calculation with a kfactor set to 100 will bring the elo gained/lost elo to +-38.
The calculation is correct but the players' elo are wrong. XjoloDeLL didn't have 1053 elo, nor Shady 968. When the game was played XjoloDeLL's elo was 1000 and Shady's 1021.

I am sorry about these values, since none of them are really correct. I will fix them when time allows.
Games from 1st of May will display correct gained/lost elo.
Just to clarify, everyones' elo is correct.


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Post 14 May 2018, 19:11

Re: Knights and Merchants League

New competitor has arrived!
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good shit

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Post 19 May 2018, 13:46

Re: Knights and Merchants League

Shady won Regis
Golden Cliffs loc 3 vs 5

Post results here coz Regis cant confirm game status on (watch screenshot).
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