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[TG] The Great Clan

[The Great] was founded on 10 January 2018 with the idea of ​​creating a clan where a new generation of kam players rise up, grow, have and share the same rights.

Our Badges: [TG], [The Great] , The Great.
Creators: Stefan The Great and Mithrellas (ex-member)

Private Facebook Group -
TeamSpeaker Chat - "The Great channel"
The Great channel.png

♔ We have 19 Members (+ join date):

Image Regis [The Great]
- 13.01.2018
Image Yen [The Great] - 30.01.2018
Image Martin [The Great] - 23.01.2018
Image Jeronimo [The Great] - 31.03.2018
Image Cytla [The Great] - 12.06.2018
Image Sevvq [The Great] - 16.06.2018
Image Andy [The Great] - 12.04.2019
Image Mercenary [The Great] - 16.04.2019
Image Skeletor [The Great] - 16.04.2019
Image Gopnick [The Great] - 18.04.2019
Image Mira [The Great] - 19.04.2019
Image Laky [The Great] - 22.04.2019
Image Stalin [The Great] - 25.04.2019
Image Stefan The Great - founder[/b]

Image Xenon [The Great] - 13.01.2018
Image Ewa [The Great] - 13.01.2018
Image Beard [The Great] - 27.01.2018
Image Bartek [The Great] - 24.02.2018
Image Tharis [The Great] - 05.02.2018

* Players that was in our clan: Tomixx, Mithrellas, Bercik, Rinhamus, Glowica, Vieto, Sonea, eSSman.

We recruit!
Don't count your lvl, if you are new or old on 60 min games.
We have 50+ video tutorials with all you need to become very good player:
Construction tips;
Fights tips;
Tutorials for all types of lvls - beginner, medium or advanced player;
Tutorials for leather spam and iron spam;
Market tips;
Timming tips and calculations for wapons production;
Maps test;
Different strategies for pike spam, cross spam, swords spam, double stable, mix armies, only iron spam army etc.

➼ In this moment we have 5 candidates for training stage and prepeared another 2 invitations for players to join in clan.

You just need to accomplish this things (Is not bigg deal, just things of common sense):
Don't be conflictual or create conflicts (We had problems in past because of this and don't want this situation be repeated);
Not be huge lagger;
Don't be leaver from games;
Have caracter;
Have desire to learn;
Develop good relations with members.
Is not bigg deal. We search characters, not lvl, because with us you can grow very fast if you want to learn. We have all you need for this.
!!! We don't recruit from other clans.

You can recive the following rights:
☑ Right to vote in our session votes - Yes / No / Neutral - for every new recruit;
☑ Right to propose new recruits or candidates;
☑ Full access at our Chat on TeamSpeaker ;
☑ Full access to Facebook Group;
☑ Right to propose a clan fight game / games, create and organise teams for competitions;
☑ Add value at this clan (create tutorials, fight maps, test maps that will be introduced in our learning program implicate in organisation etc. );
☑ Full access Learning materials - Video Tutorials hosted on YouTube and Images with best tips - on Google Drive with Email access (little preview with few of them)

♘ This are some of my personal armies too see that I know about I'm talking: ... sp=sharing

In short terms what you must offer? Just Respect!

If you want to become candidate contact us on private. You can find us on TeamSpeaker, Discord (I), games.

* Old post - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3651
I want to close that post and remain only this because I can't disturb Mithrellas for eatch modification. And we will have a lot in future. He is not our member from 20.02.2018. Also a lot of members comed and exit and things happen in this period so I need to edit this things, add anouncements etc.

Thanks for understanding!
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