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The 2nd International Battle Tournament



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Post 12 Jul 2014, 21:14

Re: The 2nd International Battle Tournament

Match for the golden carrot:
Tiank and Lady Pauline vs me and The Viking



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Post 19 Aug 2014, 13:28

Re: The 2nd International Battle Tournament

I and many other players were on holidays. However it´s time to give the prizes out, I don´t want to keep them any long xd so please don´t forget what I wrote here in the last post:

pawel95 wrote:Thank you for the Game.

So now these matches ill be played next:

strategoboys (Le Baker + Prinspils) VS Our name is team (KamRemakeFan + ZOLTAN)

Berserk (The Viking and Kamykos) have to play against Lady and Gentleman (Lady Pauline + Tiank) To be sure who get the 6th and 7th place :mrgreen:

These Places are already safe:


1.Place: The Ponyriders (The Dark Lord + Paweł95)
2.Place: Lucky Tactix (Andreus + Jeronimo)


1.Place: The Bright Blade (Kirelareus + Dávid) 2 2
2.Place: ???

That means that The Bright Blade can play against Lucky Tactix in the 1st Halffinal.
That means that The Ponyriders will play against "The 2. Place team of Group2".

All these Games should be played in r6478

Have fun.

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