Post 04 Aug 2015, 11:23

AI problems - r6720

We already know, that AI in this release has been greatly improved, but there are some problems I've noticed.

There's a map I've made, Iron only.

First issue is, that AI can't manage two storehouses. It won't connect them and would build seperately but mostly without sense, like woodcutters at one side and sawmills at the other. (I made short script that coneccted those two storehouse, but AI seemed to be even more lost then, won't make iron mines nor coal mines at all).

Here's replay:
Ironic AI.7z
Also, even with iron settings for AI, it won't build more than 1 iron mine... Maybe it's because first issue, maybe AI gets lost when there're 2 Stores ;)

And one last thing, it's a minor bug I guess. I blocked builders' training in MapEd, placed 16 on map, but when builders' slider is set at 20 it will train them up to 20 anyway.
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