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Windmill tactic.



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Post 27 Feb 2015, 18:44

Re: Windmill tactic.

Windmillls...... So many buildings.. WAIT CURSED RAVINE?

I understand the aim of this "tactic". However like already some people wrote it is just a tactic for exactly this setup (From the screen I can see it is 2,5 hours into the game) and on this map (Camping, to get even longer "peacetime").

These answers won´t help you probably, because you mostly play this map, do you? and mostly like to play with 90+ min PT, do you? :o However there isn´t really anything so say. If you think it´s IMBA/ OP, then maybe try it also. With a bit of training you should be able to have a way better army than the player on the screen. I don´t even understand why this player has Swinefarms, he could just trade for weapons and sausages directly :lol:


Post 28 Mar 2015, 01:01

Re: Windmill tactic.

I would love to see a replay of this game. I just want to see what exactly he did. His city seems really awesome.

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