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Spectators and their functions



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Post 20 Aug 2014, 23:28

Spectators and their functions


I created this topic for discussing about the spectators and functions for the spectators.

*I advice to any players who insulted by a spectator under a game can sign it to the host of the game and the host can kick the spectator or spectators from the game if there is reason of course without vote go back to the lobby.

*Avaiable chat channels for spectators: -Spectators -All /-or only one Team but then the spectator can see only that team side

*"mute" spectators function when he/she/it is spamming unusefull informations continuosly and just distrubing the players.

*spectator can join to a team. for example 4v4 game and each side has spectator who see only the selected team->4+1vs4+1.

Spectators of the game always risky of course because the possible behind communications.
I think to some of these could moderate the troll spectators who always speaking and distrubing the players. Need some ranger rules for the spectators. (Kibic)


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Post 21 Aug 2014, 08:53

Re: Spectators and their functions

I mentioned many times a mute button and since yesterday's game I want this feature more than ever before xd. A spectator just spammed me the whole time and there is no easy/simple way to mute him...

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