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More Scout Discussion



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Post 22 Apr 2014, 21:19

More Scout Discussion

Continued from here
Pawel wrote:Btw, don´t want to go offtopic here, but maybe you could say if you have noticed the discussion about scout balance (too weak) and market balance (to easy to make horses, in comparision without market), Lewin? :mrgreen:
If so, I would like to hear (in an other topic maybe) if you have some plans for next release also there, or you want to focus on perfect xbow balance first. => 0% shield : Scouts will die even faster, just noticed when I went offtopic :P

Scouts could have more Speed -> based in that Horse is same for him and Knights, but Scout is light armor compared to heavy iron armor.
Knight should keep his current Speed (same as infantry charge).

Note: these values are real, you can check them with a KaM program editor
Footmen speed: 24
Infantry charge/knights: 39
Scouts: 48 (new-> +9 speed suggestion)

Being the fastes unit ingame, makes for an interesting use.
Scout would be cooler than knigths, to hit and run enemy bowmen firing at you, or empty towers, sneak on town and escape.

I have read before pawel's idea to increase their "line of sight", but come on is useless :) . You need a real improve in battle... more speed seems logical.

Following this line of thought: less armor = +mounted speed... then a rebalance of Vagabond is to give him 60 speed (+12 speed which is insane but only way to say that guy is just 1 axe mounting on 4 corn!)
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Post 22 Apr 2014, 21:50

Re: More Scout Discussion

I couldn't count on all the hands on all the people on all of the planets of all of the galaxies of all of the cosmos how many times this has been suggested. Give it up :P
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