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'Two Sides' in 30.33 Minutes in r9700

For those who prefer to play r9700 instead of r6720, I just duplicated my 32 minutes and 14 second win of Vatrix's map Two Sides from r6720 and won it in a shorter time in this version.

(This was my first time playing r9700, but the AI didn't appear to be any different than r6720. Well, of course I did experience an AI scout killing my perfectly well-rested scout with one hit ---a new one for me---but that's about it with this first experience.)

Two Sides in

Four notes about this full-working replay (the first of which is really a note to the developers for r9700 and above versions):

  • This was again a 0 loss win.
  • Like my 32.25 minute win in r6720, I played at 1/3 normal game speed.
  • The AI produced leather units instead of iron units. Hence why I won this faster than in r6720. FYI. (This needs to be corrected if we want to keep the original map design.)
  • The laborers were actually functioning correctly in r9700. (They were repairing damaged buildings.) They were not working in r6720.

So, because the laborers were actually working in this version (which is great), that killed my win time potential, considering that the AI only produced leather armored units instead of iron armored ones.
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