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Nibo The Destroyer

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Post 05 Mar 2015, 20:20


I dont know if this is hilarious or i should be ashamed this guy is from my coutnrie..
Just to let you know what kind of clan/person it is since this isnt the first time it happens...

Just funny how he wishes me death, keeps provocating and thinking its normal to build in my camp..

This is the situation:


Me on loc 8
He on loc 7

Since i dont use iron/gold he could have it.. I Needed to build over MY coal though since i need space for my buildings.

He gets mad and this is what happened.. This isnt even everything :P


Its in dutch.. But basically he keeps insisting to build on my land... blalbla i said no like 10 times.. he still didnt get it.. Asked him if he was retarded (since i have a retard nephew who WOULD understand) and then shit broke loose :D

Last but not least he starts trolling my city.. :P

Got me a perm ban on their server :mrgreen: if thats possible..

LLL kick him out or if he is the leader leave him.. This is not the first time he is calling people names and being an idiot... Id prefer to play with people who really want to play the game normally with respect for eachother.

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Post 05 Mar 2015, 21:53

Re: [LLL]

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Post 05 Mar 2015, 21:56

Re: [LLL]

I would like to response in enlglish on this thread.

I was not trolling him, he shouldn't change his plan so we should win. and i just said i would never play with him again after he told me i was retarded.

Also he cut out the offense things he said.


Post 06 Mar 2015, 01:47

Re: [LLL]

You wouldn't give up your coal but waiste it by building on it? Very selfish. I would react the same as Basjas did. Coal is valuable to a non-rich player and you can also build on it after the coal mines are depleted. There is nothing hard about building around them so you get a stronger ally. :@


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Post 06 Mar 2015, 06:00

Re: [LLL]

Topic seems like fun, but maaayybee we better cut it safe? :P
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