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Creating a fork that allows building over trees



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Post 09 Mar 2019, 16:41

Creating a fork that allows building over trees

Hi guys,

My friends and I are interested in creating a fork of this project wherein trees do not block you from constructing buildings. As much as I value preserving the original game mechanics, trees present such a nuisance that we would like to change this particular mechanic, for practicality's sake.

This is primarily for personal use, but I thought I'd ask, is anyone else interested? Is this something that has been discussed already?

EDIT: Done!



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Post 09 Apr 2019, 08:05

Re: Creating a fork that allows building over trees


Well, I guess there are different tastes. I think it is great as it is now and total unnecessary to make it easier. To me this is the same as the auto-recruit spam from school.
I even would think about what if somebody just want to preplan the village meanwhile the trees are gone by these house basements? There is the fell only function of the woodcutter, even r9700++ makes easier to remove these 'annoying' trees with the upgraded woodcutter. Have you tried that one?

Anyway there are several 'legend' locations on maps where there are some very annoying trees of course. Just a simple example northside of the left forest from the storehouse on loc3, GoldenCliffs.
I think this pay one timber to can cut the tree is fine as the labourers are not woodcutters.(vinetrick)


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Post 09 Apr 2019, 16:27

Re: Creating a fork that allows building over trees

I'm with thunder on this one - some things are just meant to be from the start.
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