Post 08 Feb 2018, 06:07

Difficulty Level?

I know the original KaM never had any options for setting the games difficulty, I also am aware it may take a little bit of work to add it in. But it think it would be worth it. Maps could be programmed to have several difficulty settings. Beginner, Normal, Expert, what ever names you want.

Current maps already released would not be effected. Newer maps would be saved with the options to have different difficulty setttings. So that the person who makes the map, can program in the script several different scenarios, for difficulty. You could also go as far as having it so that the difficulty setting can completely change how the game behaves. So that newer players such as myself are not over taken, and expert players will still have a challenge.

I haven't played KaM in at least 10 years. I just found the ReMake last month and I have started playing it again, because I really enjoy the game. From my general experience of what it has been like for me too play the Remake is this.

There are a lot of good players here, and there are also new players such as myself. There is no real way in multiplayer to tell who is who. General Stats should definitely be implemented for multiplayer. I find it near impossible to find a game with newer players. And god forbid I let people know i'm a n00b. There has to be some way to improve the lobby.

** its kinda late so I could add more on, but I felt it was important for me to share my view as a new player just finding the ReMake after so long. And finding it hard to really play. All of the new maps that have been made are way to hard for me to complete. They are really fun, Its just that i'm expected to micromanage every map I play or I pretty much get defeated every time. There's no Room for Error in half the maps. Which really takes the fun out of the game. I really would like to see a way for people to program in difficulty settings to there maps.

But I am so very glad for the remake, and I hope to play Knights Province one day when I get a new gfx card.... Thank you Programmers/Map Makers for all your hard work :)