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Introduce New Units without TownHall!! in New Kam Beta



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Post 19 Jan 2018, 23:47

Re: Introduce New Units without TownHall!! in New Kam Beta

I had this idea a few days ago, if we need another interesting way to balance the TownHall, especially its strongest unit. We could make barbarians use gold as food, as simple as that, of course making the time for which the barbarian is "hired" much, much shorter than the time a unit can survive without eating. This way, several problems are fixed. Barbarians aren't as powerful as they were before since they cost a lot in the longer term (I think there will still be an initial cost needed, like 2-4 chests), they need to be used quickly (because there isn't a lot of time for them to need gold again), and they become "true mercenaries" fighting for gold. One problem I see, is that we need to make it somewhat consistent with the other TownHall units, and we can't make militia from TH work on a subscription basis while the normal militia needs food. Not to mention, subscription probably doesn't work well for other TH units because they are too weak to be worth it (might still just mean we need to make their time of hire much longer than barbarian's).


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Post 21 Jan 2018, 01:18

Re: Introduce New Units without TownHall!! in New Kam Beta

StefanTheGreat wrote:* My first post on this forum. In 4-5 years I don't use it too much because of this black/grey background. I can't read too much because, in less time, my eyes are very, very tired, just because of this black background. After I read here 200-300 words my eyes are hurt. I must rest 30 min after i read a simple text?!. Most of time I must copy text on notpad to read it.

You can change the forum's colour theme in the "User Control Panel" link at the top of the page.
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Post 22 Jan 2018, 12:02

Re: Introduce New Units without TownHall!! in New Kam Beta

sado1 wrote:they become "true mercenaries" fighting for gold.

Sounds like a great idea.

Would make the 'death' animation a little weird though. When the timer end "I didn't get any gold, therefor I die".

Would it cause a problem to implement the Townhall this way, and the other units (rebels, rogue, vagabond) as trainable units ?



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Post 27 Jan 2018, 23:52

Re: Introduce New Units without TownHall!! in New Kam Beta

Its very funny idea :D and very interesting. I am inquisitive what tell developer about it.


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Post 28 Jan 2018, 22:54

Re: Introduce New Units without TownHall!! in New Kam Beta

I have an idea for the Townhall problem.

Gold storage: Max 5 gold.
Units Costs
Rebel -> 1 gold
Militia -> 1 gold (-1 from original 2)
Rogue -> 2 gold
Vagabond -> 3 gold
Warrior/Barbarian -> 5 gold

The solution is that trained units from Townhall, will come with 2 minutes life bar.
They are cheap and spammable when multiple Townhalls, but their weak point is their empty stomachs.

They will always come out "super-hungry" (skull cloud icon) from Townhall, and in general, their role in the game would be a last minute army called to defend from besiegers. If attacker is smart, will see this suddenly recruited army, and wait a little so they die starving. This situation will lead to a "go out from base" reaction from the defender, where this newly raised army + fresh units from barracks will try to counter-attack catching the besieger.

Games featuring Townhalls could improve the back & forward experience very much.
I can confirm you that 2 minutes is the ideal, because battles often last around 30-60 seconds.
Where to build a Townhall like this? Surely next to towers.

There is of course an alternative use of it: You can train Warriors/Barbarians and immediatly feed them so you can have a decent pack of these formidable fighters far from home-> Real Cost would be then 5 gold + 1 random food.

Now this deserves real test: How many barbarians can you train when PT ends and feed?
Consider that the feeding process also takes some minutes: serfs search for the [bread?] and then go to barbarians.
This situation delays the arrival of barbarians to someone's dominion, which allows "normal build" for a better preparation.
As has been mentioned before, bowmen mass can kill barbarians mass if played correctly...
So to sum up, barbarians which need to eat before going to a distant battle, are balanced.
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