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Map editor new feature: object eyedropper



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KaM Remake Developer

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Post 10 Feb 2017, 17:13

Map editor new feature: object eyedropper

Hi guys!

Some time ago we implemented tile eyedropper function in map editor, so you could choose any already existing tile on the map and do not scroll through all the tile list.
I was thinking, may be we can do similar feature for objects (trees, mushrooms, stumps, cactuses and so on) from 4th maped subpage. Tile list and object list are very long, so may be its good to make it easier to navigate/find smth there.

I am not a mapmaker, so not sure is it worth implementing or not.
Please share your thoughts about this feature.

Also if you have any other idea for map editor, please share :wink:

Alternative idea was to implement objects palette: after you click on some btn palette window opens, almost all screen size, where all (or most) object are visible, so you can easily find them.


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Post 10 Feb 2017, 18:02

Re: Map editor new feature: object eyedropper

It might be useful, though I admit I've never felt the need for one. After a while of using the editor, you just grow used to where the objects are located in the list and can find them quite quickly.

As for new ideas, I think of them all the time while making maps; though, I always forget them before making a post. I need to start writing them down.
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Post 10 Feb 2017, 18:10

Re: Map editor new feature: object eyedropper

I suggest to make a new function: whenever you are placing terrain objects on a map, click middle-mouse-button (or something else) would show up a full-screen table with ALL terrain objects available, so you could pick one and place it. Certainly better perspective than 3x3 table that objects menu offers ;-)
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