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Woodcutters - Cutting point


The Dark Lord

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Post 13 Oct 2016, 18:05

Re: Woodcutters - Cutting point

And maybe TNL. :D

I agree it isn't so necessary for farmers, but for stonemasons it could be nice (since they tend to be stupid sometimes and go unnecessarily far away - on the other hand I realize this is not the ideal way to fix that).


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Post 14 Oct 2016, 17:19

Re: Woodcutters - Cutting point

Ben wrote:On a somewhat related note, do you suppose we will have a "hot fix" size update sometime soon (maybe before March?) to include new maps/updates to maps and small additions to the Remake such as this?
That's a great question! Such hot fix would be great! :D I'd love to see Empire and survival style maps in official release!

The Dark Lord wrote:... for stonemasons it could be nice (since they tend to be stupid sometimes and go unnecessarily far away - on the other hand I realize this is not the ideal way to fix that
It could be fixed by making small radius of work if player points the area of work. If player doesn't pick an area, radius stays as it is now. In first case, you have control, but for short time, forcing you to checking your stonemason from time to time. In second, you have no control and you agree for your stonemason to make long, refreshing, but inefficent walks ;)

However, I think that such mining point for Quarry is not needed as much as cutting point for Cutter.
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Post 15 Oct 2016, 03:06

Re: Woodcutters - Cutting point

Cutter would be nice, but I think you underestimate how much better quarries would be if they were made more efficient. I imagine one could make do with 4 quarries easily even with large cities.
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Post 15 Oct 2016, 08:20

Re: Woodcutters - Cutting point

Krom wrote:We have discussed on kamclub, that new work area must include woodcutters hut. Meaning that it can't be set farther than work radius.

ZblCoder wrote:The screenshot shows the most distant flag set point.

Honestly, I don't like arbitrary all-or-nothing cutoffs... what about making the area smaller the further it is from the hut instead?
(If the area ends up < 1 tile then the woodcutter doesn't even bother going there, effectively shutting his activity off)
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Post 31 Oct 2016, 10:47

Re: Woodcutters - Cutting point

Woodman has already been approved and added to the source code of the game. In the next update it already appears.

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