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General chatbox




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Post 16 Dec 2015, 13:56

General chatbox

Hi all, here is an idea for all to consider wich in my opinion benefits the game and the players.

General chatbox in multiplayer

Have in mind a box like the one in lobby to communicate with eachother about games to be played, it makes it easier to find games/players when while not in lobby. It takes away the inconvinience to enter a lobby just to see settings you dont like. It makes it easier to create full lobbys by 'promoting' your game for everyone to see.

I believe it makes the kam community more social through creating a more open environment.

Many times we come across 2 open lobby's with same map and same settings. A 'general' chatbox is a better alternative than quiting lobby to see if theres other lobbys and risk losing your place.

These are just a few pro's for the idea, I'm sure there are more but I just wanted to name the main ones.

Con's are trolling and the work to implement it in the game.
For the work in the program i would like to help even if i dont have any knowledge of these things, im sure there are books/websites like google who can help me :D

For more pro's and con's please comment and im curious about reactions (!)


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Post 17 Dec 2015, 20:45

Re: General chatbox

It's a good idea, it'd be much easier to use than TeamSpeak and might make people become a part of a bigger community. Of course without registered names it will be abused, but it's not too much different from trolling with fake names in lobbies.

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Post 18 Dec 2015, 09:48

Re: General chatbox

I like this idea. It could really give a boost to the acticity level. There is a lot of room left in the lobbie list. Where the server details are. Maybe there could be a small chatbox implemented on the bottom.
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Post 25 Dec 2015, 11:08

Re: General chatbox

there should be mods then. and fixed playernames. or a lot of trust in the community.

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