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The Adventure journey

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2018, 15:15
by kalfie94
i really like the adventures journey in single player, the RPG map.
but i get the order (of the king) to go south east to the tunnel. now i am there and nothing happens also not when i stand next to the enemy.
Does someone know the solution?


Re: The Adventure journey

PostPosted: 15 Sep 2018, 21:54
by Ben
IIRC, there is no enemy in the southeast end of the tunnel. You are supposed to talk to the commander down there to get some troops to assist you. Have you tried clicking on some of the soldiers down there while you are standing next to them? Try that and see if the story progresses.

Re: The Adventure journey

PostPosted: 15 Nov 2018, 20:43
by workaround RPG
I played this campaign myself and had the same bug. I managed to fix it by restarting the mission and trying again.
In my first run, when the bug occured, I talked to the Guards before the mission came up, this made the mission then not trigger correctly I think.
The second time I made sure not to explore the guarded tunnel before I had to defeat the bandits, and got an extra message and was able to fight them.