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Re: Sound issues (installed openAL)

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2015, 07:15
by Krom
P.S. This GIF is so out of place, I had to LOL

Re: Sound issues (installed openAL)

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2015, 10:36
by bimdo
Lewin wrote:
I'm not sure if us emailing Creative is going to help, I'm sure a lot of other people have tried that already.

From customers, yes but from developpers, I don't know because only few developpers use openAL today.

I think It's worth trying it to send a email from a developper.

Re: Sound issues (installed openAL)

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2015, 10:38
by bimdo
Exurok wrote:- As a note, i do not use creatives drivers. I use PAX creative drivers.
He makes better drivers then creative itself and much much more stable.

PAX drivers is based on creative drivers. majority of source code in pax drivers is the creative source code.
It's normal that pax driver have the same problem.

Re: Sound issues (installed openAL)

PostPosted: 31 Oct 2015, 13:26
by Mangoara
Creative released a new driver on 28 October but it doesn't fix anything KAM related, kinda disappointing haha. It does fix many issues i had with Windows 10 tho :).
Your post with the OpenAL dll file worked great for KAM and now I dont have to use my onboard realtek sound card anymore! Thank you.

Re: Sound issues (installed openAL)

PostPosted: 09 Dec 2015, 11:10
by thibmo
Maybe worth to put this in a small news message on the website of KMR.
Might solve future questions. :)
Also, about PAX is true, they have "patched" drivers which have most of the original driver source.
Might be worth checking one's source and locate the issue to report it back to the developers, I am sure they will fix it then, as you basically give them the fix. (Don't expect and thanks/credits, though, they rarely give any.)

Re: Sound issues (installed openAL)

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2016, 23:54
by DAOWAce
Wow, I've had this problem for the last year or so; can't quite remember when it started. I just remember loading one of my saves and it not playing sounds.

IIRC, a new map worked fine, but I could be entirely mistaken as it's been a long time since I last played.

Maybe this actually happened with my switch to Windows 7 (from Vista) and installing newer drivers. I also made a switch from the XtremeGamer to a Titanium card (PCI -> PCI-E). Bought their new card (SoundBlaster Z) but it was god awful; made the sound warmer and had a WORSE volume normalization implementation compared to older cards (nowhere near as bad as the Xonar Essence STX which I wasted $200 on). Driver package and compatibility may have been better, but the control panel was bloated crap and I just hated it after using the old one for 8 years (change is bad).

All this time, it was Creative being god awful and breaking OpenAL functions. Typical.

Could've sworn I had OpenAL_Soft.. maybe it was on my prior OS. Current version installed is 6.14.357.25.

Time to try it and see if it works..

Edit: OpenAL Soft seems to work. What issues it's brought, I don't know, but KnM is working fine again. Time will test it in other applications..

Re: Sound issues (installed openAL)

PostPosted: 08 Feb 2017, 21:20
by Soulbanisher
I have bought Knights & Merchants on steam and I think like most people I downloaded Kam remake. I merged them together but the sounds the units make when you click on them or when you order the soldiers, they don't make a sound.

Anyone know what file(s) is/are missing or know a solution?

Re: Sound issues (installed openAL)

PostPosted: 08 Feb 2017, 23:29
by Ben
Did you install oalinst? Run the file in your remake directory called oalinst.exe and see if that helps.

Also, you don't need to (and probably shouldn't) install KaM Remake in your KamTPR directory.

Re: Sound issues (installed openAL)

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2017, 15:37
by Soulbanisher
Oalinst was installed but it was the fact that I merged KaM Remake with the steam version that caused the problem.
Steam doesn't want to return the money to my steam-wallet I spend on buying KaM because I already played 32 hours.
But I already explained them those 32 hours is from playing KaM Remake cause the steam version doesn't even work on it's own.
In the second mission, it crashes all the time.

Thanks for the info Ben!

Re: Sound issues (installed openAL)

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2019, 15:43
by DAOWAce
Small update after all these years.

Creative released new drivers for the old X-Fi Titanium cards on March 21 (2019).

These drivers do not fix the OpenAL issue. OpenALSoft is still required to get the game audio working properly.

*thumbs up* for doing nothing, Creative. There's not even an uninstaller entry to remove the drivers on Windows 10 either!