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Re: Official KaM Remake Bugs topic

Rey wrote:Probably we have to restrict map image size to 1024*768 in Campaign Builder, as its our default supported resolution, but its just a CB...

Yes image is stretched, it is made not in Campaign builder, but in the game. I think its fine, as campaign maker has to use proper image and thi is just an util. Added short message, when image is too big ( > 1024*1024 )

Btw, did you start making new Campaign or its an old one in progress?

Restricting it to a 4:3 resolution with a max size of 1024x768 would probably be the best solution, I guess.

Still working on the same campaign, I started about 4 years ago. It has changed alot over the years tho. Talking about quality of maps and scripts. :'D
I hope its gonna be done for the next release. ;)

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