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[SOLVED] How to load a save in KAM remake mulitplayer?

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2019, 18:37
by Narameh
This must sound spectacularly stupid, and I as I can't find any other topics about this I must be missing something, but how the bleep do I load a saved multiplayer game?

My fiance and I would like to play together, but we never have enough time for a full game in one go. So I set up a local/LAN server, he joins, we play a bit, I can save it, but as soon as I leave the mission, the server is ditched, and I cannot find any buttons/options under multiplayer to load a previous game. Setting up a new server with the same options also does not include a load button within the new game we could use. Nor can I see or load those saves from singleplayer mode. How do we do this ladies and gents?

I run KAM Remake under Xubuntu 18.04 (linux) and he under Windows 10.

EDIT: I was indeed stupid! When setting up a server you can choose to load a save instead of a particular type of map. Gotcha!