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Anti-commuity behavior: Lady Pauline




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Post 12 Apr 2018, 12:27

Re: Anti-commuity behavior: Lady Pauline

OMG again Java wrote about people. This guy is very annoying . Mod should be give him warning for topics about people ...


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Post 12 Apr 2018, 17:26

Re: Anti-commuity behavior: Lady Pauline

Dear Person. You know my job is pretty satisfying, at least i can earn money and buy microphone to USE IT on TS for COMMUNICATE with others... we dont have any spot for you in KaM but in my factory we still have one for you. maybe you apply?
I'm pretty sure that you dont have any hobbies in your life, and you play this game as a punishment for bad results in primary school. I get it.
You r right i am addicted to video games bcs its what i like to do in my free time as a hobby. point for you little one.

Will you always cry after kick from lobby? Well get used to it, bcs i wont stop.

Mexican T

Lance Carrier

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Post 12 Apr 2018, 17:34

Re: Anti-commuity behavior: Lady Pauline


watch your words, I am a superpower.
And how can you call paulina addicted to the game, count the screenshots you put on this forum. Talking about addicts..
Maybe you and authentic can be friends.



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Post 13 Apr 2018, 16:59

Re: Anti-commuity behavior: Lady Pauline

Alright everyone, you've had your fun. Take it elsewhere, please.

If this conversation pops up again in a different thread, I'm going to remove those posts.
#thunderposting #greentornado

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