Post 11 Apr 2016, 20:47

Road Challenge

This wonderful challenge is to see who can make the most roads in a game. This challenge is good and better than the others since it's about aesthetics.

Road Challenge: To build as many roads as possible.

-Since roads are hard to count, the winner is declared whomever can mine the most stone AND have fewest inside his storehouse at the end. This will encourage making roads! Thus the next three rules:
-You must not sell stone in market
-You must not build towers
-You must not destroy any storehouses.
-Idc about loc and map. Screw that
-No AI helping
-The winner will obtain the stone god title on TS
-saves allowed
-save the replay in case you win and I have to verify it

The challenge will last until forever, since stone is permanent.

I'm going to go ahead and put Guyderains at #1 from the start, since we all know he makes the most stone. Besides, he needs a win in something!

1. Guyderains:

As an added bonus, I included a screenshot of my attempt:

Good luck, and watch out for the stone men
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