Post 16 Mar 2014, 15:41

Re: mission 20 tsk

Ok, because I got some requests that my downloadlink isn´t working anymore, I will uplaod the TSK20 fix now here directly on the forum.

Just answering some FAQ´s :
YES, It should work without any problems on the newest beta.
YES, This version will be probably avaible in the new official release, including the WHOLE fixed TSK campaign by me
YES, You can give me feedback and ask questions here or via pm :D

EDIT: Wanted to upload all fixed mission in one file, but the forum only allows me to upload maximal 2 Megabyte, so I had to take only TSK20 and compress it with the best method. Have fun:

(Open your "Campaigns" Folder, then open "TSK 20" folder and then put your downloaded files (inside the tsk20) into your "tsk20" folder. !Overwrite those files! and it's finished. Sorry had to cut out all sound files, because of the maximum of 2 MB, but they haven't changed anyway :D
TSK20 FIX.rar
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