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Indie game developer experience with a publisher



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Post 22 Nov 2014, 19:26

Indie game developer experience with a publisher

Stumbled upon this story a couple of days ago. I't not KaM nor KaM Remake related, but the publisher name is somewhat familiar. It's a bit lengthy, but worth reading: ... _Maybe.php

More comments at: ... die_studio

I'm interested to see what the publisher might answer to that..
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Post 22 Nov 2014, 22:03

Re: Indie game developer experience with a publisher

TopWare... go die. That really sucks...

(Of course, if that's true.)



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Post 22 Nov 2014, 22:12

Re: Indie game developer experience with a publisher

The saddest part in all of his is not even TopWare's actions (which if it is true makes them some pretty nasty stupid guys) but the slow and inefficient justice. It could have happened all the same in France or anywhere (I see they're a French indie dev studio), and the studio would have closed and no one would care if they were not fighting like they seem to be.
They seem to claim this problem since a lot of time, so I doubt this is some one-day prank :( it's so sad for them I hope they'll recover !


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Post 23 Nov 2014, 00:32

Re: Indie game developer experience with a publisher

This is quite an interesting story. But busineses tend to do this kind of stuff in all branches. Nowadays indie developers are better off contacting valve directly for steam publishment. There is a flood of indie (and sadly early acces unfinished crap some ask a ridiculous 60 euros for) games due to valves formula.
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