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The 100's years




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Post 21 Jun 2014, 19:01

The 100's years

Hi to all the community of K & M!
I want to point out with the most gratitude: Remake of the K & M becomes centenary. Congratulations to the entire community and dedicated to games developers !
Proof in pictures!
The picture was a bit modified ( It was 100 years 11 days and 22 hours , in the original screen ).


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Post 21 Jun 2014, 22:47

Re: The 100's years

hehe, it is nice to see bro, well this week i hopefully get my 100th sub, so than a special video :wink:
But 100 is a nice number :D

[[Alex, keep your eye on my youtube or facebook page, and you will soon see there the new vid.]]
KaMRemakefan is a fanchannel on youtube of the game KaM Remake,
click on the link here below to go the fanchannel.

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