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Your Favorite movies and movie genres.



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Post 18 Dec 2011, 17:32

Re: Your Favorite movies and movie genres.

Last Friday I went to see Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol.

It's really really awesome :P. I've seen it in IMAX, and the stunts are really cool. I think it's (one of) the best Mission: Impossibles.


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Post 18 Dec 2011, 17:57

Re: Your Favorite movies and movie genres.

one of my favorite movies is The Nine Gates by Roman Polanski. Have you ever seen it?)
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Post 18 Dec 2011, 18:02

Re: Your Favorite movies and movie genres.

No. I never seen this movie.
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Post 22 Jul 2018, 23:42

Re: Your Favorite movies and movie genres.

I know this is a 7 year bump, but I just wanted to mention that if anyone likes (or ever enjoyed) playing KaM in single player (or Coop maps), he or she would probably love the film Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise.

Although it is probably obvious to those who give the film a chance, when Private Cage (Tom Cruise) consistently dies and then restarts the same day over and over...each time making progress to win a war... reminds me of save reloads in KaM.

I am sure anyone who played invasion several times and advanced several waves can directly relate to this story!

I first saw this film about 2 years ago, but I didn't think to find this thread and post this. But to help Thunder out keeping this forum active, I decided to post this now! :)

Happy gaming, everyone!
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