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1000 Barbarians



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Post 11 Apr 2017, 21:19

Re: 1000 Barbarians

971 barbarians in the forum.

One tried to host Linux servers without knowing what a firewall is.

970 barbarians in the forum.
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Post 14 Apr 2017, 19:21

Re: 1000 Barbarians

970 barbarians in the forum

They all played a game of live 'galgje' (hangman) but they failed to get the right letters.

969 barbarians in the forum


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Post 19 Apr 2017, 05:38

Re: 1000 Barbarians

969 barbarians in the forum

One said a cheery "good morning!" at 6:00 AM on Monday.

968 barbarians in the forum
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Post 24 Apr 2017, 22:02

Re: 1000 Barbarians

968 barbarians on the forum...

Once upon a time there where exactly 1000 barbarians. They where so great and feared all across the world that even the hairs in the necks stood right up if one only mentioned them. They killed the time by, well, killing people with their legendary mighty axes. They didn't even bother to put on armor, as true fierce warriors. After many adventures and battles, their numbers started to decrease by insane reasons, variating by building marketplaces to replenish food supplies, screamed 'fuck you tdl, I am gonna build a marketplace' and even one of them decided SADO's wisdom and guiding was his best chance of survival. Because these stories made people all around the world laugh about the mighty people of the barbarians, the leader decided to create a map called Cursed Ravine where all barbarians could live and spread their reign of terror amongst the merchants trying to live amongst each other. Eventually all the other barbarians realized that map was total shit and a disgrace so the leader got killed to. Now one might wonder how exactly the barbarians lived up through their names as fearless fighters, if they would commence in activities like this. Well I can tell you, but it would ruin their 'good' name and possible even destroy their legacy as true, imba warriors. Now a new moment of disgrace occurred, one like no other. By now their numbers where depleted to a total of 968, and while its still enough to let all who live close by, seek refuge to other country's (except the US cuz its ruled by some retard nowadays, to go there is just a bad idea(really)), there is one barbarian named TIBI who made it to the top. OR DIDN'T HE ??
This is the story of the one barbarian (TIBI) who's life got flipped, upside down, and I like to take a moment to sit right there and tell you all about how he became the Barbarian of the year.
In West Barbariantown born and raised,
On the playground is where TIBI spend most of his days.
Chilling and relaxing all cool and slaying some noobs outside of the townhall.
When a couple of Cursed Ravine players who were up to no good,
Starting making trouble in the neighbourhood
Tibi got into one little fight and his mommy got scared
And said TIBI you are moving with your antie and uncle in NO PREBUILD LAND!
TIBI begged and pleaded with his mommy the other day
But she packed TIBI's suitcase and sent him on his way
TIBI needed kisses and she gave his the ticked
He packed all of his prebuilds and said I might as well kick it

Traveled first class, not so bad
Drinking mommy's special milk out of a champagne glass
If this is what people without prebuilds livin like
Hm, this might be allright!

He whistled for a cab and when it got near
The driver got scared and fled in fear
Because TIBI was an ugly barbarian as fuck
He couldn't even get a ride from a blind homeless smug

So he walked all the way to NO PREBUILD TOWN
And when he got there he saw his warehouse and his colour was brown
Now he got to play like Mexi but he didn't know how
Because he had prebuilds from some other player but didn't know
How to build his base, high or low

So when the time came to get his army out
Judging from the size of the random army he was not proud
Facing the fear of SADO's monster army on the other side of the terrain
He couldn't do much more than commit suicide by blowing out his own brain.

This is the story of the single Barbarian TIBI, now we know why he is not playing KaM anymore.

967 barbarians on the forum

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Post 07 May 2017, 21:46

Re: 1000 Barbarians

967 barbarians in the forum

One Barbarian read the story above this post.

He is still reading. And will read forever.

966 barbarians on the forum


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Post 08 May 2017, 09:31

Re: 1000 Barbarians

966 barbarians on the forum
One barbarian knew that one will read it forever because that one can not read latin alphabet so he started to read it too but got heart attack at half of the first phase.
965 barbarians on the forum.

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