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Clash of Clans

PostPosted: 10 Dec 2015, 07:27
by Ben
One fateful day I was quite bummed over some nasty stuff that happened. Wanting to make the best of the situation, I decided to put some time into getting to know my youngest brother a bit better. He had been harassing me to download Clash of Clans and so I begrudgingly did so, with the hope of getting closer to him through the game.

At first, I was quite ashamed that I was playing such a game, but I now I can admit that I actually enjoy it! I love the concept and it suits me quite fine. The only real problem with the game is that it is over run with idiot children. Just try looking up information on the Supercell forums, I dare ya. You'll find nothing but bs posted by incompetent children who are moderated by an equally idiotic child, just with more posts and free time then the others...

Anyway, I'm just wondering if there are KaM players who play this game too? It would be nice to talk to some reasonable people about the game some time. Maybe play together, could be nice ;)

Re: Clash of Clans

PostPosted: 10 Dec 2015, 09:37
by Krom
It quickly gets boring once you play for a couple of days. Been there.

Re: Clash of Clans

PostPosted: 10 Dec 2015, 12:35
by Black
I started to play this game some times ago,corrupted by my school mates :lol: .Now I have a clan with lots of friends of my city and i'm having a lot of fun :D

And yes you are right there are lots of stupid crying children but although if you play in a close clan with some seriuos person you can avoid this problem :wink:

Re: Clash of Clans

PostPosted: 07 May 2018, 14:18
by Flohr
It's really something else what this game has grown into. They're pretty much dominating the mobile market and Clash of Clans is almost considered an esport at this point.