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Krom's Terrain Editor Updated - Now with Editing Freatures!



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King Karolus

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Post 24 Jan 2007, 16:12

Krom's Terrain Editor Updated - Now with Editing Freatures!

For all folks that have been eager to edit maps will be very interested in this news. Krom has updated his editor so that it can actually edit the terrain. Currently it is only recommended to create maps from scratch as the "smart tiling" feature stores some additional data not found in the actual terrain files. To download it go to the downloads section!


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Knights Province Developer

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Post 24 Jan 2007, 21:28

That was a very fast response :)

Here are some explanations:

KaM stores info about each tile without relations to neighbour tiles. While to allow so-called smart-tiling it's necessary to process data from surrounding vertices. All new maps by my Editor store vertice terrain type in one of unused bytes. So when you change terrain type Editor looks at surrounding vertices and look-uptable and knows which tile to place.

It is possible to acquire vertice data from KaM map, but there are some obstacles, so this feature remains undone.
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