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The best LIB editor just became so much better!



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King Karolus

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Post 29 Jul 2008, 23:02

The best LIB editor just became so much better!

The LIB editor by Lewin has just been updated to version 0.7.1. This new version fixes most of the flaws that were present in the previous version, adding support for German, Dutch and Polish languages and now supporting all the known types of values for formatting messages. Some smaller bugs were also fixed, so in case I wasn't clear enough, I recommend everyone who uses the tool to update to this version!


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KaM Remake Developer

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Post 31 Jul 2008, 06:29

Oh my god! 4.5 stars!!!! That's the highest rating for a tool!!!! Thank you very much! :) Considering it took about 50 times less time that the mission editor, that's not too bad. You seem quite excited about it so I think I will do the next version now. (I was considering working on the mission editor for a bit) Any other requests than the ones I mentioned on the other thread? You're using it a lot so what features matter most to you?

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