Post 12 Jul 2008, 23:15

ELP4 now available for The Peasants Rebellion!

The English translation for The Peasants Rebellion has quite recently been updated. There were a lot of grammatical and spelling errors present in the official scripts. This pretty much proves the fact that there was not any real effort done at any point during development to create an official English version of the game and more than likely some shoddy script that was meant to be temporary ended up being used in the released game.
Now, two years later most and hopefully all of these errors that appeared in the official scripts have been fixed. As a point of note, the English translation included in Service Release 2 is exactly the one which uses these shoddy scripts. In other words, this means that anyone who is playing the English version of The Peasants Rebellion should patch their game with the English Language Pack 4. You can find ELP4 from the downloads section.