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New downloads, artwork and bugfixes

PostPosted: 27 Nov 2007, 19:56
by Litude
Follwing the recent quite big update, a number of bugs were found on the website. Most of these should be fixed now, so you should be able to enjoy browsing through the content without anykind of problems. If you do find something, please contact me and I will fix this!
Other than just bugfixes, this update also inlcudes the addition of numerous things. Firstly, some new downloads are now available. For example, Lewin Hodgman's edtior has been updated to version 0.2 which includes translations. Other additions are a briefing editor for The Shattered Kingdom and a new graphics reader by Harold providing some interesting features.
Some fanart that I have managed to find whilst browsing the web have also been added. Finally, you will also notice that some new information can be found from the decoding section!

PostPosted: 28 Nov 2007, 17:04
by merchant_992
About the Text Editor.
When I open the program it says this:
Version 0.1 Made By bas Wilbers 2007
So you should change the version from 1.0 to 0.1 and change the authors name in Bas Wilbers
And the language is English

Edit: Where did you find that artwork?

PostPosted: 28 Nov 2007, 20:13
by Litude
Thanks for providing this information! I have updated the information about the editor accordingly! You don't happen to have one or two screenshots? :wink:

And that artwork, believe it or not, has been taken from the German The Shattered Kingdom that is available for download :D "But those pictures are so small???" I guess someone messed something up, as they have merely been resized to the size you can see on the pages, but the image itself still uses the (assumably) original resolution. Even more interesting is that quite a lot of these images have been stored numrous times in the PDF with a slightly different resolution :D.
After ripping them, I made the artwork a bit darker so it was easier to recognize the shape. I had plans to also offer the original versions, but skipped this idea. Incase someone wants to see the unmodified versions, notify me and I might reconsider adding them!

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2007, 15:12
by merchant_992
I could make some screens, but I have only dutch mission texts and that may look strange to you, so can you send me an english text than can I make Screens.

And I would like to see those original paintings. And where did you download that german version?

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2007, 20:51
by Litude
Uhh, I have no idea whatsoever from where I found the manual :D (But you can download it from the goodies section) And ok, I will try adding the original art.
You can get the English texts by downloading ELP3 Beta from the downloads section (just install to C:\test or something so it doesn't affect your game). If you can't get it to work, the screenshots displaying the Dutch text will do.

PostPosted: 30 Nov 2007, 15:46
by merchant_992
I have sent it to your realhotdot walla mail.

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2007, 15:18
by merchant_992
There is a new TKE Screenshot. If you haven't seen it yet.

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2007, 15:46
by harold
I was about to "complain" about it as well lol
Well it's not that important, and I did find a little bug regarding Fog of War / unexplored terrain in combination with buildings (somehow the road gets a bit visible, only a bit though which makes it even more odd) .. still not found the reason.. Therefore, the screenshot has the map completely explored (that was not a bug, I did that on purpose by editing the mission)

PostPosted: 03 Dec 2007, 13:50
by Litude
Thanks for notifying me! I'm going to be pretty busy today, so the next update should occur tomorrow or on wednesday.

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2007, 16:08
by Litude
Okay I did the update! No news was posted as it was a quite minor change.

PostPosted: 04 Dec 2007, 17:34
by harold
Good to see, thank you

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2007, 15:27
by merchant_992
Thank you for that artwork. I see why you made the colors brighter. Strange that those drawings were in such gray and not in a darker color.